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Alizée & Grégoire steal the first show of “Danse avec les Stars”

Saturday night is the traditional time slot for reality TV, with some of the highest overall viewing figures of the week. The shows are high budget and often with spectacular lights, sound , pyrotechnics and scenery put on a great spectacle. However for 5 minutes of the “Danse avec les Stars” show last night. All that was really needed, was a floor. And both Alizée & Grégoire took it for themselves.

Before the dance, a interview was shown along with backstage recordings of the rehearsals. In these Alizée acknowledges that “Moi… Lolita” was the song that changed her life. And meant she had to give up her passion for dance, which she had pursued since the age of 4, and had at the time planned to make it her life. She goes on to explain that this is the opportunity to revive her passion for dance, which she shares with her daughter, becoming very emotional as she explains that her daughter is a fan of the show, and she wishes to do her proud.

Backstage Grégoire greets her with her faveroute flowers, before going onto explain he wishes for Alizee to seduce him through her dance – to the amusement of Alizée as she finds him very direct, whilst also doubting herself as she is very reserved by nature. In order to bring her out of her shell however, Grégoire reintroduces Alizée to another of her childhood pastimes – Kickboxing, which gives Alizée the release of energy she needs to do the routine.


And after their introduction, Alizée & Grégoire make their way into the entrance tunnel. Being the second to last act to perform, Alizée & Grégoire needed 34 points or higher to take the lead (The points are awarded out of 10 by 4 judges) – and this, is what they came up with.

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