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Alizée and Pierre-Antoine in love?

After few months of rumours about Alizée and Pierre-Antoine, they now seem to have now “officially” announced to be together!

Alizée with Jérémy

Alizée separated from Jérémy, her ex-husband and the father of Annily, during last fall and the winter. At the end of January 2012 Alizée stopped wearing the wedding and engagement rings that Jérémy gave her. It was at Les Enfoirés 2012, at the beginning of February, where we first saw her without the rings. This was the first time after October 2003, after 9 and half years of being together (they first met at backstage of Eurobest show in March 2003 where Alizée performed “J’en ai marre !”) and 9 years of marriage with Jérémy (they married in Las Vegas on 6th of November 2003). She has never wore again the rings since January.

Alizée with M. Pokora

Since roughly November or December Alizée has been living again in Ajaccio, Corsica, with only Annily. Jérémy kept living in Paris. After Les Enfoirés 2012, and especially after charity soccer event in Monaco, there was rumours (started by Voici magazine) of Alizée and Matt Pokora (better known as M. Pokora) to be gether but this was later proven to be false rumour. M. Pokora himself has told that he is not with Alizée even though Alizée never gave straight answer but later sued Voici for false releasing false information about them being together (and even later sued them for Voici telling them not to be together!).

Trop dur la vie au bord de la mer @instapierantoine ✌

After all this, started a new rumour about Alizée being together with Pierre-Antoine. This time it was not started by any press (maybe because of the law suit that caused Voici 100,000+ euros?) but by fans of Alizée and Alizée herself basically. There were lots of photos of them hugging or going crazy together during the following months with Pierre-Antoine, and they went to same events, restaurants, bars, and same concerts all the time. They even wore the same bracelets and took tattoos together. They both have a common tattoo saying “Forever Young”. Pierre-Antoine seemed to follow Alizée everywhere she went so it was easy to make the conclusion that they might be together.

Les amis c est la vie... LOVE U❤ @instapierantoine

But until now there have been nothing definitive proof of it. Until 16th of August when Alizée posted a photo of them being together on Instagram with a title “Les amis c est la vie… LOVE U❤ @instapierantoine” (“The friends. That’s life… I Love you Pierre-Antoine”), which sure made to wonder what she exactly ment.

Ma poupée, mon amie, l amour de ma vie!

However, things became much clearer after Pierre-Antoine uploaded also a photo on Instagram with comment “Ma poupée, mon amie, l amour de ma vie!” (“My ‘doll’, my friend, the love of my life!”). To which Alizée simply answered: “@instapierantoine je t’aime❤” (“Pierre-Antoine, I love you”). It leaves very little for imagination but of course they could be just really, really, really good friends…

Whatever happens between them, it seems during the few months they have become very close friends. We will see how things goes in the future…

Alizée and Pierre-Antoine at the concert of Pussycat Kill Kill in Ajaccio on 16th of August 2012

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  1. He Is gay, Antoine is gay

    • RMJ says:

      I have more than one friend who has turned straight after meeting the “right one”. Things change, people change.

      (and also friends who turned into gay after meeting the “right one”.)

  2. Emmanuel S. says:

    Who said that Pierre-Antoine is gay?
    I don’t know exactly if Pierre is gay, but the photos obviously suggest “something” more than friendship

  3. Kaley says:

    Honestly I really really sorry that Alizée and Jérémy broke up. I loved them together. I didn’t believe this so far. But I would like Alizée to be happy even if she finds the happiness by Pierre-Antoine side’s. And excuse me, but I don’t know this man, who is he?
    BTW, does anybody know why Alizée left Jérémy? :/

    • RMJ says:

      Pierre-Antoine is her dance teacher from the Monique Mufraggi’s dance school. You can see him in lots of Instagram photos where Alizée was practicing dancing.

      Reason why she left is of course unknown and will propably never been known as it’s their personal matter but the new single (“A cause de l’automne”) may give you a clue about it. The single talks about couple separating because they grew apart from each other. In the song the couple was together only because of habit, they did not anymore love each other and being together did not make them happy anymore, so the only logical solution was to break up and go their own ways. In the song the separation happens somewhere during a fall (autumn), which co-incidently is exactly the same time of the year when Alizée appears to have left Jérémy and moved back to Ajaccio. The song also talks about “runaway love” which in fact reminds much about Alizée’s and Jérémy’s marriage. They run away to Las Vegas and got married against all the odds. So the single MAY talk about Alizée and Jérémy, but that is of course just my interpretation of the song and may be completely wrong. But there is so many things in common between the song and Alizée’s life that it makes me wonder if it would be true…

  4. Hmm says:

    The man is gay, 100%. It’s incredible that people somehow don’t see this. Seriously. What straight man gives duckface in pictures?

    My gaydar has never been wrong and is out of control on this one.

  5. Kaley says:

    Thank you for the reason. I’m sorry, but I didn’t really know who is he. I’m a big fan of Alizée from Hungary. And I don’t really understand in French. But I love her more than 10 years ago.

    Anyway, I really sorry that she and Jérémy broke up.

    Yes, now after you mentioned I also think that the new song can explain the things that happened between them. But I really really sorry that. They were so cute together.
    You know, when the single released I felt that this could happened with them, but then I didn’t believe that Alizée left Jérémy. I thought these things about them are just rumors.

  6. carlos says:

    muy bonita las fotos
    y la pareja mas