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Album delayed until early 2013

Unfortunately, it seems that the album is now officially delayed till 2013. Alizée sent an another message on facebook telling this.

Hello à tous !
Comme je l’annonçais il y a quelques jours, on est toujours en studio, et on travaille d’arrache-pied !
L’album sortira tout début 2013, avec beaucoup de surprises dedans.
Hey, on vient de recevoir le miroir de la boîte Collector ! voici une photo pour vous.
Je vous remercie encore une fois de votre patience, et des messages de soutien que nous avons reçus suite à l’annonce du décalage.
A très vite, on continue à vous tenir au courant !

Hello everyone!
As I announced a few days ago, we are still in the studio, and we’re working hard!
The album will be released in early 2013, with many surprises inside.
Hey, we just received the mirror for the Collector’s box! Here is a picture for you.
Thank you again for your patience and support messages we have received following the announcement of a delay.
See you very soon, we will keep you informed!

Collector's box mirror

On her collector’s box pre-order page the date now says 23rd of January 2013. But the date cannot be right because it would be exactly the same date as the start of Les Enfoirés. This would be very bad date to release any album in France, Les Enfoirés would steal all the attention.

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  1. :) says:

    The song is played in the French radio stations?

    • RMJ says:

      Not really.

      It has been played on couple small station but generally no.

      It has been sent to all radio stations though. The reason why it is not played is unknown but it could be related with the delay of everything concerning the album and the single (the video).