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A cause de l’automne again online

To make things more ridiculous than they already are; the “non-existent” music video “A cause de l’automne” is online again. This time it is on Alizée’s official Dailymotion channel. For reason or another, they created her channel again after deleting it on 25th of July when they moved all her videos on Sony-Music’s channel. Apparently the new channel for Alizée was created on 29th of August and all the old videos were uploaded back on it (during next couple of weeks).

It will interesting to see what will be Sony’s excuse to delete this video. Or as you could guess, they just stay silent and try not to embarrass themselves again. The last time when the video leaked online (through PS3 VidZone) they claimed that the screencaptures of the video floating on the net were not from the music video; hence, the nick name “non-existent music video”… Of course it was all lies as we told you before.

Currently the video has restricted availability and can be watched only from France. If you are one of the lucky ones (or know how to use French proxy), you can watch it here (for now). If you aren’t lucky one, you can always go to the following page to watch and download it: Watch “A cause de l’automne”


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