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2000 likes on our Facebook page! Alizée in Wonderland video for a gift to our fans!

2000 likes on Alizée Art Facebook page

Wow… The Dance avec les stars and the other recent events has brought Alizée Art’s Facebook page likes well past mind boggling 2000 likes and the number is raising everyday!

As a thank, we promised on last Sunday that I (RMJ) would give out an unseen video as a gift for everyone! You had two choices, either full footage of “We Are The World” or shorter by higher quality “Alizée in Wonderland” video. On Facebook voting, the latter won, so here we go!

But that’s not all…

When I started to ready the video, I remember that I recorded plenty more videos of Wonderland. So… This video is actually just a teaser video for much, much longer video that I will prepare in the following days! The full six and half minutes video will contain the full song and 95% of the video is covered by my unseen footage, over lapping from several concerts! The video will also include multi-angle scenes…

Now, enjoy the teaser!

Preview of the upcoming video… ( I have only arranged the places for the clips. 😉 )

Alizée in Wonderland - preview

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One Comment

  1. We like that! Thank you!
    Nos gusta mucho, Alizée Central te agradece en el nombre de todos los Alizéeros mexicanos! 😀