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100 random collector boxes to receive special gift

Two weeks ago, Sony revealed the full contents of the collectors box. However, it turns out, yet more surprises are in store.

Today A email was sent out confirming that 100 of the 1000 collectors boxes, will receive an additional gift. Alizée herself has signed 100 postcards, which shall be placed randomly into the boxes, giving everyone who has bought a box, an equal 1 in 10 chance of receiving this elusive gift.

Picture confirmation of what the photo-card actually looks like is not available at the moment. However, over a month ago Alizée posted the below picture to instagram. Due to the random nature of the allocation, the cards may not be personalised, such as the cards below.

Of course, these picture cards where for the instagram contest which went on in January. However, if we look at an earlier photo, we can see that Alizée received far more pictures than what was required for this contest. The below photo shows, that the right hand side pile in the box is at least half full, whilst the left hand side is full. Assuming that Alizée took 30 photos out for the competition (and these are what we see outside the box, in the pile) then that leaves a minimum of 90 photo’s left in the box, and given the perspective (being quite high), that is likely to be a conservative figure. Again, this adds weight to the case that this is the photo that will be distributed. However it is important to remember, nothing official has been confirmed yet.

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